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Establishment the Sendebad in the eastern kitchen to exceed the expectations of our customers in the Gulf countries.


Our commitment is to provide top quality food for our customers. Our covenant is to provide the change to our customers who are looking for that. We do not provide food as at home but we provide wonderful food that is very different from that of the home.

Humanity Values

Since the beginning of our operations and our services, the basic values have been the primary and constant motivator for us.


The Quality

Sendebad pastries is committed to keep a high level of quality not only in food and service but also in the surrounding environment.



The health and welfare of our customers are our top priorities, and to achieve this goal we periodically check the kitchen and all related services in our branches including our staff inside and outside the kitchen.


We strive for continuous innovation in our products, to meet all the tastes of our customers. Our chefs seek to satisfy different tastes by creating innovative products with unique flavors.

Customer Service

Our customers are our life line, and the motivation behind every action is to satisfy their tastes and bring comfort to them. We firmly believe that all our customers have the right to claim our high quality and service.

We arrive the door

We want our customers to visit us at the branches and enjoy our hospitality, but at the same time we ensure that we reach to our customers in all reachable destinations.

Staff Team

We tend to instill a sense of ownership among our customers. We want to work as a team with our customers not only in improving our services but also in creating new products of their choice.

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